5 Healthy Lifestyle Mistakes Women Over 40 Need to Avoid!

There are always things in our life that we are not sure about whether we are over 40 or not. We all get confused about something in our life. However, after the age of 40, there are some mistakes that you want to avoid if possible in order to live a healthy lifestyle. You can thank me later! :)

Let's dive in!

Here are 5 Lifestyle Mistakes Women Over 40 Need to avoid in order to live a healthy lifestyle: 

1. Becoming Sedentary 

Living a sedentary life is never a good thing. Choosing a sedentary lifestyle is like giving up on your health. A sedentary lifestyle refers to a lifestyle where little to no physical movement is involved.

The golden rule to stay physically fit at any age is to keep moving. You do not need to participate in rigorous exercise. How about: stretching to remain flexible, doing your daily activities like going shopping and taking a walk or something that involves your mind like various hobbies. These routine activities keep you mentally and physically happy and engaging in healthy lifestyle choices.

J2 Tip - Take the stairs and walk when possible. You get in more steps than you think just by ditching the car and the elevators!

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleepless nights can have so many implications on the quality of your life. This is true for women over 40. Overextending yourself at the expense of your sleep is not worth it! Taking time to rest is essential as your body requires adequate rest daily especially as you age.

J2 Tip - Make sure if sleep is an issue, that you schedule your sleep. Sleeping on time and waking up on time can work wonders. To make your sleep extra peaceful, make sure that you stay away from all mobiles, laptops, and computer screens for at least an hour before bed.

3. Neglecting Your Emotions 

Aging can be pretty confusing at times! You might face a lot of challenges, emotional as well as physical. However, forgetting about your own emotions is one of the most common lifestyle mistakes. Neglecting your emotions will lead to nothing more than stress.

This is the time when a lot of people are in the state to reflect on their careers, life choices, and various other life experiences. This reflection might cause further problems and emotional confusion. It is during these times that it is crucial to express yourself to your friends or family.

J2 Tip - There are times when you need to call in a professional or someone outside of your circle to listen. That is ok. It does not mean you are weak or incapable of controlling your emotions. It means that you are human! There are in-person and online options that are available. There are many apps like TalkSpace and Betterhelp and various other paid apps with counselors. There are also apps like 7 cups where you can speak to a caring listener for free emotional support.

4. No time for Self-care/Self-Love Ritual

If you have not already started a self-care (yes, everyone thinks this is an overused term) and/or a self-love ritual, it is time to start. Do this now!

I am calling it a ritual because it should be special, something you really believe in vs. something you have to do each day like brushing your teeth. With everything that goes on in our life - work stress, family problems, living day to day - women tend to neglect themselves especially for others.

Self-care/Self-Love does not have to be expensive or difficult to fit in with your life. It is taking a little time for yourself from your schedules to do something that makes you feel happy or calms you down. This keeps you in check with your needs and also helps you stay happier and more focused throughout your life.

J2 Tip - You can have your ritual when you wake up or before you go to bed. Something as simple as taking 5 minutes to start and tell yourself all of the positive things about yourself and the positive things in your life. How often do we do that? I will guarantee that you start to feel better right away. Start right now, tell yourself how great you are for taking the time to read this post. Ritual #1 complete!

5. Skipping Routine Checkups 

Routine checkups are absolutely essential. You can’t afford to skip them for any reason. Whatever your particular medical circumstances are make the time for the once every 6 months and/or once a year appointments.

As we age, we are more susceptible to conditions and diseases, which often get worse if not diagnosed on time. Routine check-ups help you manage health issues before letting them advance. Even minor diagnoses can be treated more effectively when diagnosed early.

J2 Tip - Schedule your appointments a year in advance - Mammogram, Gynecology, Eye Exam, Primary Care or whatever appointments are needed in your life to maintain your health! Use all of the technology we have in our lives to good use. Put these dates in your calendar with reminders 6 months out, 3 months out, 1 month out etc so that you do not forget and you make them a priority.

Final words 

Everyone has to live their life according to what works for them. However, there are some common mistakes that we all make that prevent us from living a healthy lifestyle. Women over 40 often prioritize others, their work and other commitments at their own expense. Understanding how to balance all of these elements is vital to live a healthy lifestyle!

Remember, it's never too late to change your life for good!

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