“The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin.”

Straight from the Jane Iredale website, this is a mantra I couldn’t agree with more. And this is the reason I love Jane Iredale’s line of mineral makeup products – these mineral cosmetics are a true extension of natural, healthy skin care.

If you’re new to mineral makeup, or you just haven’t tried Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics (yet), you’re going to love this line just as much as I do. Even if you use other “natural” mineral makeup, there is no comparison to Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics… for more than a few reasons.

You may be surprised at the purity of the ingredients in this line of mineral makeup products. If you’re on the hunt for mineral makeup – from foundation to eye shadow – that you can wear all day long without harming your skin, then Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics are what you should be using.

What are the skin care benefits of Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics?

  • Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics are recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists throughout the world.
  • Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics are non-comedogenic and won’t block pores.
  • There is virtually no allergy risk with Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics.
  • Jane Iredale’s Skin Care Makeup line contains minerals that rarelyrequire touchups during the day.
  • All Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup products have been sensitivity tested.
  • Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics have broad-spectrum UVB and UVA protection.
  • Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics are anti-inflammatory and help to calm and soothe irritated skin.
  • Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics received a “Very water resistant” rating by an FDA-approved lab.
  • Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics provide complete coverage for skin conditions like acne, rosacea and redness following treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion.
  • Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics contain no talc or parabens.
  • Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics are composed of inert minerals that cannot support bacteria.
  • None of Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup products have been tested on animals.

The state-of-the-art minerals used in Jane Iredale’s Skin Care Makeup come in so many shades and colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your skin type and complexion. And no matter what skin type you have, Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics will allow your skin to breathe and function normally, all the while protecting it from environmental elements.

The following article from SkinCare-News.com reviews some of the most popular Jane Iredale mineral makeup cosmetics. And what do you know, the beauty team there loves the mineral makeup products from Jane Iredale too!

Jane Iredale Review: Mineral Cosmetics for a Natural Skincare Routine

If you’ve tried mineral makeup and been unimpressed, then you haven’t tried Jane Iredale. These cosmetics are made from micronized mineral bases and contain highly concentrated pigments. Just a small amount can take the place of your foundation, powder and concealer, in one product. They’re also free from fillers like talc, and provide SPF protection without any synthetic ingredients needed. Learn about the many products in the Jane Iredale line and which will fit into your daily regimen.

Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics are designed to be a healthy part of your daily skincare regimen. In this review, read about the many types of products, from foundations and powders to eye shadow and blush, and the many beneficial ingredients you’ll find in each. Lastly, you’ll learn about some kits and sets that will make it easy to try out the Jane Iredale product line.

Heal and conceal: Foundations. If you’re frustrated with concerns like hyperpigmentation, bruises, blemishes, birthmarks or spider veins, Jane Iredale has solutions to help restore radiance to your complexion. Natural-looking means flawless coverage and a lightweight, silky finish – and it’s the ideal base for other cosmetics, like eye shadows and blush. And best of all, while some foundations can clog your pores and make skin conditions worse once you wash off your makeup, Jane Iredale’s formulas will actually help heal minor skin concerns like blemishes and irritated skin.

Here are some of the foundations you can choose from:

  • Liquid Minerals. Say goodbye to large pores and uneven skin tone. This lightweight formula is great for aging or dry complexions, as it hydrates the skin and won’t settle into fine lines. It also contains time-released active ingredients that will improve your skin’s health, and comes in shades ranging from warm sienna to bisque.
  • Pure Pressed Powder. For a sheer look with semi-matte coverage, this SPF 20 formula protects the skin while also working as foundation, powder and concealer, all in one portable product. Start with a Jane Iredale Empty Refillable Compact and add the shade of your choice – there are over a dozen shades, such as Teakwood and Bisque.
  • Amazing Base. Start your day out right with this loose powder foundation product, which provides broad-spectrum sun protection of SPF 20 in a sheer, silky formula. It works as four products in one – concealer, foundation, powder and sunscreen. And because there are no parabens or dyes added, this is a good choice if you have conditions like eczema or rosacea. Shades start from Ivory, which works for porcelain to fair complexions, all the way to Suntan, a shade for medium dark complexions.
  • Dream Tint. For dry or mature skin, this foundation goes on like a dream, providing hydration and preventing water loss. Aging complexions will appreciate that it actually improves the elasticity levels of the skin. It contains titanium dioxide for superior physical sun protection, and algae extracts to soothe the skin. The result is fewer wrinkles, smaller pores and happy skin. Look for blendable shades from Light to Medium Dark, as well as a Peach Brightener designed to correct uneven skin tones.

Be radiant: Blush. Give your complexion a healthy-looking flush with Jane Iredale Blush. Don’t be afraid to pile on this blush – these don’t contain any added ingredients that can irritate skin complexions.

  • PurePressed Blush. If you like traditional powder blushers, here’s a good-for-the-skin mineral formula that works triple duty – use it on the eyes and lips, too! These subtle tones will look as natural as your own skin. Lighter complexions should look for shades like Whisper or Parfait, while women with darker complexions can try on a more vibrant hue like Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush – Cinnamon.
  • In Touch CreamBlush. Want all the goodness of pure pigments in portable formula? This convenient blusher stick nourishes the skin, goes on smoothly and smells of cocoa butter. Use it on the lips to touch up throughout the day, too! Try it in shades like Chemistry, a creamy mauve; Connection, a peachy pink; or Charisma, a deep purple.

Blend and shade: Eye shadow kits. Even if you’re not a master at mixing eye shadows, Jane Iredale’s kits make it easy to create a fun, flawless look. Wear one or two shades alone, or layer for a more dramatic look. In addition to rich, long wearing shades, these eye shadows are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.

  • Day. For natural-looking eyes, try the Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Kit – Daytime or the Perfectly Nude Eye Shadow Palette. Or match shades to your eye color with the carefully selected hues in Jane Iredale Eye Steppes goBlue, goGreen or goBrown.
  • Night. Break out the dramatic for evening wear with the alluring shades in Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Palette – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, with shades like violet, sizzle and sheer gold. If you’re the pastel kind of gal, step it up with the jewel-like tones in the Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Kit – Bling – five opalescent shades sure to keep you shimmering all night long.

All-in-one: Jane Iredale sets. Clueless about where to start? Can’t decide what to try? Jane Iredale makes portable cosmetic kits, so you can sample the most popular products and see which shades suit your complexion.

  • Jane Iredale Starter Kit. This is a good bet if you’re new to the Jane Iredale line, or new to mineral makeup in general. Each tiny kit contains everything you need to get started, from foundation and conceaelr to lip product and brushes. Choose according to your complexion: Fair, Creamy, Mediterranean, Porcelain or Mahogany.
  • One 4 All Color Cosmetic Kit. If you like to play with color, this kit is for you! Here, you’ll find shades that flatter most complexions – shadows, liners, glosses, brow color and brushes, all in a travel-friendly compact. Mix, match and layer to get a wide array of new looks.
  • My Steppes. Perfect for touch-ups throughout the day, this swivel compact contains lip glosses, blush and bronzer, in shades designed to work with your skin’s natural undertones: Warm or Cool.

Don’t pile on layers of makeup to cover imperfections. These sheer, natural-looking formulas will help to achieve a flawless skin tone without masking your skin’s real beauty – and will infuse your skin with healthy ingredients in the process.
Jane Iredale has created a healthy mineral foundation to promote a flawless, beautiful face. These mineral foundations make your skin look and feel absolutely wonderful, will help prevent moisture loss and protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

One of my favorites- Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics don’t cover up your skin problem, they take care of the problem so you can flaunt your skin’s natural health and beauty. That’s a confidence booster!

Start revealing instead of just concealing. Revitalize your complexion for a flawless finish. Enhance and brighten your eyes with nourishing mineral powders. Love the long lasting color of your mineral eye liners. Be timeless in the sun. Enjoy all the skin care benefits of Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics!

I love Jane Iredale mineral makeup line so much that I want to share it with all of my clients. Yes, I carry Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics at Jacqueline Jase Face & Body Center! Call me if you have any questions about the Jane Iredale mineral makeup line; I’d love to help you keep your skin beautiful, flawless and healthy.