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First impressions are everything. Well, maybe not everything, but they are important.
When someone looks your way, the first thing you want them to notice is that you’re well put together… oh, and your gorgeous eyes, of course! In this article, I’m going to talk about your eyebrows – the frame of those gorgeous eyes of yours – and more specifically, how to shape the perfect eyebrows.

There is no ‘one eyebrow fits all’ approach to shaping eyebrows. The best eyebrow shape for someone else may not be the best eyebrow shape for you – even if you love their eyebrows! Well-groomed eyebrows begin with the best eyebrow shape, and really just ends with you keeping up on the shape of your eyebrows with some beauty maintenance.
Determining how to shape eyebrows is based on your face shape, and the perfect eyebrow shape for you is one that highlights and enhances your best features and downplays your not-so-loved features.
The following article from shares some wonderful eyebrow shaping tips and tricks for shaping the perfect eyebrows for your face shape. This article will really help you to get those eyebrows in shape so you can make that first impression a beautiful one.