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The Virtual Studio
1:1 with Jacqueline Jase

There is a method.

That  gives you glowing skin in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.
That makes you excited to look in the mirror [instead of avoiding it!]  
That radically transform how you feel about aging.  
 If you want to know this method, then you have come to the right place!

What Clients Have To Say...


My skin looks incredible! I do not know what you did different but please keep doing it! The dark circles under my eyes even look better. My skin is rockin'.

- Debbie, 52, Sales Executive, Dog Lover

The treatments have given me the best skin of my life! My skin looks and feels moisturized. Age lines, especially around the eyes have disappeared! I love the products!

- Jen, 44, Mom of 2, Nurse

Wow! The new facial technique - my skin is tighter and looks so much better. I am all for the new technology!

- Julia, 83, Retired and Badass!

I saw a long-time client for the first time in a year and she said I looked younger!!! It's working!

- Deirdre, 55, Lawyer, Crazy Cat Lady

Just an FYI, skin feels and looks great. I look gorgeous! Thank you! 

- Mel, 63, Retired, Beach Bum

I just wanted to say thank you. When I went into the bathroom for a minute during a stressful meeting, as I washed my hands, I looked up and saw that no stress was reflected on my face... thanks to you :) A definite confidence booster.

- Sonya, 52, Executive Director, Best Aunt

The Jase Lifestyle Transformation Method



Explore what you think and what you believe.  Understanding where you want to go and why is a key focus
This foundation work is the most important part of the process.



Knowing what the plan is essential in getting the results that you are looking for.  Gaining alignment on type of products, tools and methods creates the roadmap for success



Doing what works for you and enjoying it day to day is what makes this method work long term.  Making your motion turn into a habit is where results are seen!

Virtual Consult


1 Hour  1:1 Virtual Session 

  • A virtual 1:1  consultation to discover more about your aging journey 
  • Develop a plan to deliver results you are looking for 
  • Evaluate your lifestyle using the Jase Lifestyle Transformation Method
  • Completely customized to your needs

Virtual SEries

10 Virtual 1:1 Sessions (1 session per week for 10 weeks) 

  • Weekly Virtual 1:1 sessions 
  • Customized to accomplish your goals 
  • Support during the series  
  • Tools & Products provided 

All Gift Certificates can be redeemed for products and/or  can be used towards virtual sessions. 

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